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• 5/8/2014

Police Codes

These are the Police Codes for The Robloxian Cops. We use these so citizens wont be worried about anything or to go undercover. TRC, we need to use these codes most of the time. If you can, memorize them or print them so you always have them. City of Moab is a good place to use and practice these codes. Here they are below, we know there is a lot.

Main police codes...

10-0 Caution
10-1 Reception poor
10-2 Reception good
10-3 Stop transmitting
10-4 Message received, understood
10-5 Repay message
10-6 Change channel
10-7 Out of service
10-7A Out of service, home
10-7B Out of service, personal
10-8 In service
10-9 Repeat message
10-10 Off duty
10-10A Off duty, home
10-11 Identify frequency
10-12 Visitor(s) present
10-13 Weather and road advice
10-14 Citizen w/suspect
10-15 Prisoner in custody
10-16 Pick up prisoner
10-17 Request for gasoline
10-18 Equipment exchange
10-19 Return(ing) to station
10-20 Location
10-21 Telephone
10-21A Advise home I will return at:
10-22 Disregard last assignment
10-23 Stand by
10-24 Request car-to-car transmit
10-25 Do you have contact with:
10-26 Clear
10-27 D.D.L. report
10-28 Registration request
10-29 Check for wants
10-29F Subject wanted, felony
10-29H Hazard potential from subject
10-29M Subject wanted, Misdemeanor
10-29V Vehicle wanted
10-30 Doesn't conform to regulations
10-31 Vehicle Pursuit
10-32 Drowning
10-33 Alarm sounding, audible
10-34 Riot
10-35 Time check
10-36 Confidential information
10-37 Identify operator
10-39 Can (Unit (Number)) come to the radio?
10-40 Is (Name) available for phone call?
10-42 Check the welfare of/at:
10-43 Call a doctor
10-45 Condition of patient?
10-45A Good
10-45B Serious
10-45C Critical
10-45D Dead
10-49 Proceed to: (Location)
10-50 Car Accident
10-51 Drunk
10-52 Resuscitator
10-53 Man down
10-54 Possible dead body
10-55 Coroner case
10-56 Suicide
10-56A Suicide attempt
10-57 Missing person
10-59 Security check
10-60 Lock-out
10-61 Miscellaneous public service
10-62 Meet a citizen
10-62A Take a report from a citizen
10-62B Civilian standby
10-63 Prepare to copy
10-64 Found property
10-66 Suspicious person
10-67 Person calling for help
10-68 Telephone for police
10-70 Prowler
10-71 Shooting
10-71A Automatic Gunfire
10-72 Gun involved
10-73 How do you receive?
10-79 Bomb threat
10-80 Explosion
10-86 Any radio traffic?
10-88 Assume post
10-91 Animal
10-91A Animal, stray
10-91B Animal, noisy
10-91C Animal, injured
10-91D Animal, dead
10-91E Animal, bite
10-91G Animal, pickup
10-91J Animal, pickup collect
10-91L Animal, leash law violation
10-91V Animal, vicious
10-95 Need ID tech unit
10-97 Arrived at scene
10-98 Available to assign

Police Codes

Code 2 Urgent - no light or sirenCode 3 Use lights and sirenCode 4 No further assistance neededCode 5 StakeoutCode 6 Stay out of areaCode 7 Meal breakCode 8 Restroom breakCode 9 Summer uniformCode 10 SWAT pre-call upCode 11 SWAT Call upCode 37 Subject/Property wanted--------------------------------------------------------------------------------11-10 Take report11-24 Abandoned vehicle11-25 Traffic hazard11-26 Abandoned bicycle11-27 10-27 W/driver held11-28 10-28 W/driver held11-40 Advise if ambulance needed11-41 Ambulance needed11-42 No ambulance needed11-44 Deceased person (Coroner Req'd)11-48 Furnish transportation11-51 Escort11-52 Funeral detail11-54 Suspicious vehicle11-55 Officer being followed by auto11-56 11-55 W/dangerous persons11-57 Unidentified auto at assignments11-58 Radio monitored, use phone11-59 Intensive attention: high hazard, business areas11-60 Attack in high hazard area11-65 Signal light out11-66 Defective signal light11-78 Aircraft accident11-79 Accident - Ambulance sent11-80 Accident - Major injuries11-81 Accident - Minor injuries11-82 Accident - No injuries11-83 Accident - No detail11-84 Direct traffic11-85 Tow truck required11-94 Pedestrian stop11-95 Routine traffic stop11-96 Checking suspicious vehicle11-97 Time/security check on patrol11-98 Meet: (Location)11-99 Officer needs help!

Police 3 number codes...

207 Kidnapping207A Kidnapping attempt211 Robbery211A Robbery alarm211S Robbery alarm, silent217 Assault with intent to murder240 Assault242 Battery245 Assault with a deadly weapon246 Shooting at inhabited dwelling261 R@pe261A Attempted r@pe273A Child neglect273D Wife beating - Felony288 Lewd conduct311 Indecent exposure314 Indecent exposure374B Illegal dumping390 Drunk390D Drunk, unconscious415 Disturbance417 Person with a gun417A Person with a knife459 Burglary459A Burglar alarm459S Burglar alarm, silent470 Forgery480 Hit and run - Felony481 Hit and run - Misdemeanor484 Petty theft487 Grand theft488 Petty theft502 Drunk Driving503 Auto theft504 Tampering with a vehicle505 Reckless driving507 Public nuisance510 Speeding or racing vehicles586 Illegal parking594 Malicious mischief595 Runaway car604 Throwing missiles647 Lewd conduct653M Threatening phone calls

Police color codes...

Code Blue Bus/Cab in troubleCode Red Varda Alarm activatedCode Purple Gang Activity

Medical / Fire Status Codes...

Code 10 Critical Trauma caseCode 20 Acute Trauma caseCode 30 Trauma caseCode 40 Serious case (IV started)Code 50 Basic transport (not serious)Code N Newsworthy event

Police Scanner Codes...

5150 Mental case10851 Auto theft10852 Tampering with vehicle20001 Hit and run - Felony20002 Hit and run - Misdemeanor20007 Hit and run - Unattended21958 Drunk pedestrian on roadway22350 Speeding22500 Illegal parking23101 Drunk driving - injuries23102 Drunk driving23103 Reckless driver23104 Reckless driver23105 Driver under narcotics23109 Racing23110 Person throwing objects at vehicles23151 Drunk driving - injuries23152 Drunk driver

We know this is a lot, but we need to use them. These are all the possible things that could happen in the line of duty. You can use these codes anywere with a TRC officer. City of Moab is a good place to use them. When you go on duty, have this open in another window so you can see them.
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• 5/8/2014

Requesting a model to be a part of TRC

So you have a model for TRC? Good work. Here's who you should ask.
Any  Commander or Assistant Chief can look at it. Accepting rate is unknown at this point.
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• 5/8/2014

Driving Test Qualifications

Here is the official point guide for Driving Tests. It has been seperated into sections. How many points they are worth is listed next to the section.
Driving ability: 20 Points
Accident skills: 10 Points
Police Command skills: 5 Points
High speed ability: 25 Points
Stopping ability: 10 Points
Parking ability: 10 Points
Turning ability: 15 Points
Driving Safely: 5 Points
Total: 100 Points
If you have at least 85 Points, you pass and you get accepted into the Liscenced Drivers group. If you get less then that, you fail and you will need to re-take the test. Good luck!
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• 5/8/2014

Promotion Guide

Alright, here is the deal guys. FedoraMasterB98 is getting annoyed with all of you thinking you SHOULD get promoted, but then you're not and then you're whining on the wall or whining to me or another colonel/advisor for some dumb reason.
PROTIP: When you message a Commander or Ast., have a subject. Personally boys1998 doesn't read messages without a title and just deletes them on the spot.
PROTIP 2: The Robloxian Cops has been up since 01/12/2010. This means don't try any "Oh WU BLU BLU BLU I'VE BEEN IN THE ROBLOXIAN COPS FOR 7 MONTHS", etc.
PROTIP 3: This is for Ast's. (actually FedoraMasterB98 shouldn't even need to ask you guys) and Commanders. Do not promote users who whine for ranks. Ignore them, if they spam you, demote them. If you are an advisor, exile them. Whiners are not tolerated,
Do not promote any users who do not supply proof of the reason for their promotion. This means do not promote people who said "I got 50 KOs in training" - make them supply proof with SCREENSHOTS.
Now that is all settled, The DO's OF THE ROBLOXIAN COPS__________________
DO: Respect all high ranking members
DO: Supply proof when asking for a promotion. Yes, we know. It's hard to take 2 minutes of your life to upload a screenshot in the form of a decal.
DO: Build models, forts, AND HAVE THEM APPROVED by a Commander or an Ast. This will get you promoted.
DO: Attend trainings and meetings often. This get's you more known in the group and also doesn't make you another faceless figure in the group.
DO: Defend bases. Supply screenshots to get promotions of defending bases.
DO: Report all members tking and spawn killing. This includes neutrals too. Supply proof of user in the act of killing team members or neutrals. However, you ARE allowed to kill a neutral with a knife on.
DO: Be friendly to new members, NEWBIES who aren't in the clan, and well, anybody._______________________
The DO NOT'S OF THE ROBLOXIAN COPS_______________________

DO NOT; Lie about rank. Demotion if anybody gives me proof you insert he/she doing so.
DO NOT; Exploit using 3rd party software, cheat engine, etc. This will get you instantly exiled. Exploiting is script kiddie like.
DO NOT; Lie to get a promotion. This is basically impossible if all colonels and advisors follow the PICS OR NEVER HAPPENED rule (screenshots)
DO NOT; Steal vehicles, boats, anything from any other members.
DO NOT; Team kill, kill neutrals, or spawn kill.
DO NOT; Start arguments, call people noobs, be offensive/disruptive, etc.
DO NOT; Bribe Commander's or Ast's. We will take the money and just demote you. Warning heard.
DO NOT; Kill allies, respect allies please.
DO NOT; Start wars with other groups. It's up to FedoraMasterB98 and his Ast's to declare war on certain clans.
DO NOT; Disrespect enemies. You're welcome to kill them, raid their bases, but please exchange a few gg's, etc.
DO NOT; hurt FedoraMasterB98 fellingz. He will eat u if you do.
Ways to get Promoted.___________________
Instant Promotions;
Trainings - Usually Commander's/Ast's. hold trainings. We will set a goal such as get ____ KOs for rank _____, rank _____ to _____
Design stuff for us - This is an easy one. Just make decals, clothes, bases, models, that are approved by an Commander or an Ast. for a promotion.
Longterm Promotions;
Alliances. Set up Alliances with approved clans by myself, or my Ast's. promotion._____
Foruming; Foruming generally produces increased spelling and grammar skills. This will get you promotions if you represent TRC well.______
Skill; Skill can get you far if you posses any. Good luck._________________________
How to get Commander or above._________________________
1. Be active and loyal to the group.2. Be Mature.3. Be Hardworking.4. Do not ask.6. Notice that FedoraMasterB98 didn't add 6.7. No, really, ask and get demoted.
- FedoraMasterB98 picks people would he thinks should be Ast., same with other Commanders.
Follow these rules to be able to get ranked up, thank you for reading.
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• 5/8/2014

Assistants picking Deputy Chiefs

Alright, FedoraMasterB98 heard from a lot of Assistants they want more then one Deputy Chief. Well, he will make that happen. Let's say you already have 2 Deputy Chiefs. And you want more. And let's say somebody else has 0 Deputy Chiefs. Well, if you want more than one, you can ask an Assistant which has 0 DC's to have his 2 in which he/she has zero and you have 4. Let me explain it again, your basically giving away slots for having DC's. Here's an example.
You have: 2 DC'sOther has: 0 DC'sIf "Other" gives away his/her slots, you get to have 4You have: 4 DC'sOther has: 0 DC's
Understood? Here's another example.
You have: 2 DC'sOther has: 1 DCIf "Other" gives away his/her slots, you get to have 3You have: 3 DC'sOther has: 1 DC
We think you understand well enough now. Now, once you trade, you can always have them back, but you need to both agree to it. If not, then disaster happens. You MUST agree to trading. To make sure it is actually official, you can have the option of telling FedoraMasterB98 about it so he know the real truth. In the rank, it says the maximum amount of DC's allowed, so if it happens to go over, I will be forced to reset the Deputy Chiefs.
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• 5/8/2014

North Stadium Expectations

Behavior:- Trustworthy- Loyal- Helpful- Friendly- Courteous- Kind- Obedient- Cheerful- Thrifty- Brave- Clean- Reverent
Rules:- Dont go on field- Dont lie about owning the game pass- Dont swear- Dont yell at others- No name calling- No spamming
Teams:- The Robloxian Cops: TRC K9's- K9 is a police dog which is TRC's mascot
Building:- Has concession stands- Has 2 locker rooms- Has lots (Which you can pay for)- Has Announcer/Assistant seating- Has a 100 Yard Football field- Has large screen TV- Has football
Information:- The teams the TRC K9's play is chosen by FedoraMasterB98- The games cant be played without FedoraMasterB98 being there- The stadium can hold about over 150 robloxians- In violation of any rules will result in a ban or kick- Game ticket's are 50 R$ and 100 TIX- FedoraMasterB98 and the other group leader will keep track of the score
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• 5/8/2014

Training Expectations

Alright, TRC will get a new set of Training Expectations. If you disagree with any rules, discuss it with FedoraMasterB98 because these expectaions must be followed as instructed, if not you might be in a load of trouble. Now, here is the list of some expectations.

(Trainings in General) (ALL REQUIRED)
- ALL Trainings must have at least 1 Diciplinary Training.- You may only give out 1 promotion per 5 people in a training.- Training MUST be at least 20 mins long.- All promotions must be earned for a reason, not just given.- DC's MUST message their AC for promotions. (If not it causes problems)- MUST NOT sweet talk if in a disrespectful situation. (Like a trainee disrespecting you, no sweet talk, dont be afraid to yell)- You may only request demotions and Exilations (Give reasoning on why)- Uniform required. (Shirt, Pants, Hat)- All orders must be followed. (Trainees)- Be sure to shout your training with a link. If your training has ended, shout "Training over" so people know.- Ignore all who ask for a promo.- MUST end training during a raid situation.

- ONLY give out 1 promotion per 5 people in a training- 5 people = 1 promotions given to 1 person- 10 people = 2 promotions given to 2 people- 15 people = 3 promotions given to 3 people- 20 people = 4 promotions given to 4 people- 25 people = 5 promotions given to 5 people- 30 people = 6 promotions given to 6 people- So if their is 7 people in a training, how many promotions? = 1 promotion------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
(Disrespect) (Steps to solve it)
1) Ask CALMLY for them to obey orders.
2) Tell them CALMLY to stop and that they have 1 chance left to obey orders.
3) Make notice they dont have another chance to stop disobeying orders. (Get angry)
4) Begin to confront people disobeying orders while they are all lined up. (Please yell)
5A) (If they stop) Then begin the training once again. If it starts up again, go to step 1. (Continue training peacfully)
5B) (If they continue) Begin to give punishments/demotions/exilations. If it continues, go to step 6. (Please yell)
6) If they go on and on and on, and continue to not follow orders, ban/kick the person and report it to FedoraMasterB98 or an AC. (Threaten them and yell, then ban/kick)

(Training pattern) (Perfered but not required) (At boys1998's training place)
1) Begin in the spawn room and line them up. Tell them your expectations. My expectations are still required but you can always add more when your the trainer.
2) Then line them up in the mid-spawn room.
3) Begin with obbies, any obby is fine to start with.
4) Then begin diciplinary. (If they disobey orders before or after training, go directly to diciplinary again and repete it over and over till they follow orders)
5) After diciplinary, begin the Arenas or the sword fight training.
6) Then you can rally in the mid spawn room and announce promotions. (Remember, 1 promotion per 5 people)

(Disrespect punishments) (In stages)
(Stage 1 = Warning) (Make notice of the rules when one happens)- Talking without permission- Doing nothing- Ignoring trainer- Interupting training- Cheating- Not wearing uniform (Shirt, Pants, Hat)- Constantly pestering for promotion (If it continues, go to Stage 2)- Spamming (If it continues, ban/kick)- Asking for promos/Driving tests (If it continues, go to Stage 2)
(Stage 2 = Punishment)- Yelling- Talking back (If it continues, go to Stage 3)- Fighting without permission/Killing HR/Trainers- Disobeying orders (If it continues, go to stage 3)- Threatening (If it continues, go to stage 3)- Telling Trainers what to do (Acting as if they have power) (If it continues, go to Stage 3)- Asking for promos/Driving tests
(Stage 3 = Demotion/Exilation) (Contact an AC or Fedora if in a Stage 3 Situation)- Talking back (Severly)- Yelling (Continoulsy Raging)- Telling Trainers what to do (Acting as if they have power)- Disobeying orders- Threatening- Harassing- Bullying- Interupting training
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